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This month brings a 15% discrount as the package Silver Promoto all companies that fall in to the Organizing Events category. (the web design is included)

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Welcome to Elipse Media & Design!

Elipse Media & Design is a Web Design and Web Development company, which stated it’s live on April 2013 and it’s location is on Bistritei Nr. 49 A street Cluj Napoca, Romania

If you need a website, Elipse Media & Design offers it’s services of web design, web development, website maintenance, SEO, identity creation (brand), and web hosting.

What is Web Design ?

Web Design represents the concept and creation of a website starting with it’s structure and graphical interface, and finishing with it’s profgramming

To create a webiste’s structure and image, the designer utilizes special programs ( Adobe Photoshop or Corel PhotoPaint ), and techniques that allow programming elements to be integrated and implemented. He crates and positions all the specific elements of a website, like: the logo, the graphic representation of the buttons, the aspect and dimensions of the text, the color scheme used on the entire website and the image positions.

What is Web Development ?

With web development, the graphic structure initially created catches life, all the buttons, the menu, the links are active.

With the help of various programming languages a simple design can be transformed into a blog, presentation website, online shop or a social network

In short, web development represents putting in operation all the elements created in a design.

What we do about website maintenance ?

By website maintenace we understand the creation of monthly data backups of your website, administering the products (for online shops), pages updates, checking the functionality, the links and forms of the website daily

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

SEO is all the activity realized over a website to improve it’s visibility on search engines.With the help of keywords in a well created website content, optimizing internal and external links, meta tags and the description of your website, you can be found much more easy on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

What is Identity ?

The creation of your identity is in fact the creation of your logo, business card, website, banner, flyers, letterheads, calendars, notebooks, posters and printing them.

What is Web Hosing ?

Web hosting is in fact the process of holding your website files on a web server which is permanently hooked on to a internet connection, so your website is active permanently.

Why do you need a website ?

With the help of a website it’s easier for your company or yourself to be found and known over the internet. With the technological boom nowadays we have the option to share useful information with other, to open out own online shop, in other words we can evolve a business with the help of a website.

The creation of a website is important to any company or person because the internet presence can lead to higher clients or potential clients numbers.